About Me

Hi, everybody! I’m T. Cathers-Mitchell. I’m a 30-something lesbian, and atheist married to a beautiful and courageous transgender woman, and I have two wonderfully intelligent and imaginative children from a previous marriage, who are both on the autism spectrum.

If that life wasn’t tough enough, I also suffer from PTSD due to childhood sexual abuse. Though I am seeing a therapist that specializes in trauma and undergoing treatment for my PTSD, I am unable to work outside the home due to crippling anxiety, which has increased in intensity as I’ve been recalling long suppressed memories of my childhood trauma. I have found some peace and solace through creating artwork and blogging.

I author a blog sharing my journey to recovery from PTSD through my writing and artwork. One of the most healthy ways of coping with PTSD is to find a way to express yourself. I choose to share my journey with all of you so that others might understand the struggles that people with PTSD face, as well as to let others who are going through these same struggles know that they are not alone. It takes a lot of courage to dredge back through a traumatic past in order to heal, and sadly, many people give up before they get into the really hard stuff. I am hoping that sharing my journey will show people that it can be done. It may be hard, and scary, but it IS possible if you don’t give up!

In addition to my blog, I have also written and published many successful articles online, both personally and professionally, as well as author and edit the monthly newsletter for PFLAG of Door County, Wisconsin. I have also published some compilations of my articles and other blog posts as books that are available for sale on Amazon.com, or through T’s Bookstore, and I have a few new books in the works.

I have only just begun expressing myself through painting. I decided to try painting recently, after watching The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on Netflix. I was watching him paint his “happy little clouds,” and “happy little trees,” and watching it was so relaxing that I thought, “I should try that!” So one day, I bought a set of paints and started playing around with them and I haven’t stopped since. You can view my artwork in my Gallery, and purchase some of my paintings on Etsy.

I encourage and welcome your likes, comments, suggestions and ideas. Feel free to follow me using any of the social media links on this website. Paint supplies are expensive! If you like what you see, and would like to see more, please support me on Patreon, or make a donation via the Paypal Donate button on my blog.

Thanks for reading, and never give up!