Birthdays and Dr. Who

Hi everyone! Yesterday my kids had a snow day, so I had some fun painting with my daughter. Today is my father-in-law’s birthday and tomorrow in my son’s birthday, so we were preparing for a special birthday dinner for the two of them, so I thought we should do a simple painting together for Grandpa. This is what we came up with:

I won’t be adding this one to my gallery, since my 7 year-old daughter helped paint it, but I will share how this one was made so you can try it yourself sometime. This one was a lot of fun!
We started out with a blank 8×10 canvas panel primed with white gesso. Then we created our design with masking tape. For this one, I had my daughter decide where we should put the tape. Then I had my daughter decide which colors she wanted to use and I mixed them up the way she asked. (We used regular acrylic paint.) Then I let her go to town! 
After she had painted each section, I helped her scratch some designs into each section. I made hearts, lines and zig-zags, and if you can make them out, she made some smiley faces in the green sections. After the paint had dried, we removed the masking tape and made the red splatters with some liquid acrylic mixed with water, loading a paint brush with the mixture and flinging it onto the canvas panel by running our fingers through the bristles. (If you try this trick, I recommend wearing a smock or apron and protect and surrounding surfaces with newspaper or plastic, because it can get messy!)
Once the red splatters were dry, I sealed it with an acrylic matte varnish and our painting was complete. My father-in-law liked it, because it reminded him of the South African flag. he’s a former minister, and had gone to South Africa on a mission trip. So… Success! I think he would have liked it anyway, just because my daughter painted it, but still.
My son turns 12 tomorrow. His latest focus is Dr. Who, so I got him a Tardis poster for his bedroom wall. We’re Whovians around here. For my wedding, I wore a Dr. Who bow tie. The picture on it was the painting from the Van Gogh episode with the burning Tardis. My phone case is the same. 
That episode really touched me. The Doctor met Vincent Van Gogh, who had never sold a painting in his lifetime, and brought him into the future to see how important and valuable his work had become. It made me cry. So many times in life you work so hard at something and never see any real result. You wonder why you’re wasting your time doing it at all, but this episode reminds people to look beyond themselves and their short lifetimes. it may seem as though what you are doing is insignificant, but one little change, one snap decision, can make a huge difference. 
Well, I guess that’s all for tonight. I hope you enjoyed my daughter’s painting.
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