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Hi, Everyone! I know it’s been a few weeks. My anxiety has been crazy, so I’ve been throwing myself into projects to keep my mind occupied. I will be writing a few more post within the next day or two to tell you all about it.

I have one new painting to share, which will probably be my next post, but the biggest project over the last few weeks has been the development of a local online classifieds website for Door, County, WI. I decided to make this site, because when I first moved to this area, I had trouble finding job and apartment listings. There was barely anything in the local papers or online. Everywhere I have ever lived (and I have moved around a lot), I could find job and apartments listings online. If there was nothing on the job engines, there was always Craigslist.

But when it comes to Door County, Craigslist has dropped the ball. They have listings for the Green Bay area (an hour away), or Northern Wisconsin, which features ads mainly from Marinette and Menominee (1 1/2 hours away). So, I decided to do something about that.

Door County Freelist took me about two weeks build. It has all of the same features that Craigslist does, plus I added a local business directory. It’s completely free to list something. The site is now live and ready for listings. Unfortunately, it’s still naked, so if you live in or around Door County, please go to and post something… anything! People aren’t going to post if they see that nobody else has posted, so I just need a few brave souls to get it started.

You can post just about anything on Door County Freelist. Sell your old junk! If you run a business or community group, you can list that. If you’re single and looking, there’s a personals section. If you have nothing to post, share the site with someone who does. I’d really love to see this website take off and start making a difference in the Door County community. So please post and share!

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