“Rainbow Shower”

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share my latest painting. This is a mixed media piece on an 8×5 canvas panel. I’m calling it “Rainbow Shower.”
Rainbow Shower
Rainbow Shower
This painting was really simple, but fun to make. I started out with an 8×10 canvas panel primed with white gesso, then I used liquid acrylics mixed with water, placing large drops at the top and letting them drip to the bottom. If you try this, be sure to place some paper towel underneath your painting, or it will run everywhere! I learned that one the hard way.
I “helped” some of my paint drops along by spraying them with water. When the first layer was dry, I added more in the places that I felt looked a little “blah.” Once that layer was dry, I used some more liquid acrylic mixed with water, flinging it onto the canvas, to form tiny spray droplets. I did this by putting the paint mixture onto the brush, then running my finger over the bristles so that the paint would splatter. After the drops were dry, I used straight, untinted string gel to make the “water drops.” I drizzled some of it right over the canvas, and then placed larger drops of the string gel on my canvas and propped it up so that it would drip.
And that’s all, folks! This is a fun and simple painting that just about anyone could do themselves. I had fun watching the colors run together as they dripped down. I hope you enjoy this painting. I will soon be listed for sale in my Etsy shop.
As always, thanks for reading!


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